5 day cleanse: 'Day-time cleanse'

What could be a more perfect than giving the gift of health and vitality?

This cleanse package is for five days and replaces both breakfast and lunch each day with 2 cleansing cold-pressed juices (4 bottles in total each day). The cleanser will be encouraged to eat only a light and healthy evening meal for the duration of the cleanse.

Most people find the 'day-time' cleanse pretty easy and still able to maintain regular activities such as work, family and light exercise (nothing too strenuous as this is a time to relax, cleanse and rejuvenate after all).

Upon Checkout, please include in the notes section the following information: 

- The delivery address for which the voucher is to be sent. You can have it sent to your own address or directly to the gift recipient. 

- Any note you wish to include on the voucher (for example: All the best on your 40th B'Day Bob! Love the family).

*Please ensure the address is within our standard delivery area (see map)Price includes delivery.

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