A word from the creator.


 ...to Melbourne’s most delicious & healthiest juice!

I launched Green House Juicery in the spring of 2014. My team and I handcraft a range of fresh, raw, cold-pressed juices that can be enjoyed as healthy hydrators, meal alternatives or combined for a period of time to form a juice cleanse (an all-liquid diet) which will leave you feeling light on your feet, clearheaded and fully energized.

Our juice can be ordered online and you’ll find us at markets and events all around Melbourne so come and say hello and taste-test our whole range for yourself. If you manage or know of an event you think we should be at, please contact me; I'd love to hear about it!

I am extremely proud of being able to offer Melbournian’s a genuinely healthy range of products and love nothing more than seeing people taking charge of their own health and wellbeing.

I especially love our juice cleanses because they can have such a positive influence on people that often extends well beyond the duration of the cleanse itself.

When you go on a cleanse you are committing mentally and physically to putting your health first. You’re willing to drink something that looks like swamp-water (don't worry its actually delicious!) and willing to endure hunger and various 'detox' symptoms. I cannot commend this commitment you’re making to your wellbeing more highly!

A cleanse gives us the opportunity to break some unhealthy habits and create new healthy habits. Most people become much more conscious of what they put into their system after a cleanse and more intuitive about how different foods effects our state of mind and wellbeing. You’re forced to get comfortable ‘going without’ which is a powerful skill to develop given the amount of temptation that is all around us every day.

When you choose a Green House Juicery you are simultaneously supporting local farmers and a local business, reducing your intake of refined sugar and animal products and energizing your body and mind.

Thank you for choosing Green House Juicery!

Mark Griffin

Chief Juicing Officer