About Cold-Pressed Juice & Cleansing

1. Why Green House Juice?

Because it’s delicious! Well yes, but more importantly because its alive! When you drink our cold-pressed juice your system is flooded with live enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals just the way nature intended.

Our juices and especially our cleansing packages are a great way to massively increase your intake of nutrient-rich raw food that your body craves, while simultaneously cutting back on processed foods that only clog your system.

Regular drinkers should prepare for greater mental clarity and calmness, more energy, clear glowing skin, more restful sleep and shopping for smaller clothes!

But beware. You will never find genuine living cold-pressed juice in a supermarket because raw juice only stays fresh for 72 hours. Any juice that lasts for weeks or months has been processed in some way and is not fresh living juice.

Our hand-made juices are made to order and delivered the day they’re made. It’s a labour of love and there are no shortcuts if you want the real thing.

2. What exactly is a 'cleanse'?

Ask 10 people what a ‘cleanse’ is (aka ‘fast’) or the best way to cleanse and you’ll get 10 different opinions. Our view is that any deliberate effort to cleanse your system is worthwhile and the more you cleanse the more you’ll enjoy the process and know what works best for you.

There are, however, some basic aspects that fit most people’s definition of a cleanse for health promotion:

  • A time for your body to rest and rejuvenate – particularly the digestive system.
  • A break from things that build up toxicity in the system such as alcohol, refined sugar, coffee, processed foods, etc.
  • An increase in fluids, especially water and/or fresh fruit & vegetable juice to aid the body in flushing out built-up waste.
  • Regularity is key. A one-time cleanse is not going to give you the results you want long term. Cleansing is a great way to rejuvenate and energize your system, kick old bad habits and establish and strengthen healthy habits. Doing this regularly ensures you’ll live with consistent good health and vitality.
3. Why do you refer to Green House Juice as being ‘alive’?

All our juice gets extracted via cold-press technology. Cold-pressed juice is often referred to as being alive because the active enzymes remain largely intact. Enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat and are easily destroyed when foods are cooked, pasteurized or processed.

The enzymes in fresh produce are important because they act to break down food so it can be absorbed and used by your body. Your body has its own source of digestive enzymes but if a great deal of the work is already being done by the food itself then a lot less burden is placed on your system. This energy saving can then be used for other bodily functions such as cellular repair and rejuvenation.

A great deal of our ‘modern diet’ is made up of refined and cooked foods that are a double-whammy for our health. Not only is the nutritional value of this food significantly reduced meaning there is less the body can assimilate/use and more it has to eliminate, it also lacks the natural enzymes which places an unnatural burden on our system to do all the digestive work.

Often our bodies can’t process and remove this waste as fast as it is being consumed and so it builds up in our tissues, organs and fat stores. We become more and more toxic and all our bodily functions suffer. If you have symptoms of ill-health right now including being overweight, I guarantee that your system is overloaded with waste and you will be far better off when you start to clean it out.

Get started on any of our juice cleanses today and start to feel and see the difference immediately.

4. Is weight loss a good reason to go on a cleanse?

Absolutely it is!

Excess weight is a sure sign that your system has accumulated waste and you will be healthier and happier without it. When you lose excess weight you lower your risk of many preventable diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some cancers to name just a few.

Excess weight places a heavier load on your entire system. For example, your heart has to work harder to pump blood around a larger area. Joints and muscles carry a heavier load leading to wear and tear. General movement becomes harder and often we move less as a result. Less movement reduces our body’s range of motion, which compounds the problem, often leading to more weight gain.

It may sound superficial to some, but if you look better and feel better because you have made some healthy changes that have resulted in weight loss – how can that be a bad thing? And lets be very clear, this is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. We’re increasing our intake of fresh living foods while reducing our intake of processed dead foods. The cleanse is also a time to develop other healthy habits like exercise and a positive outlook.

Drinking processed diet shakes, eating frozen & microwaved dinners, popping the latest wonder pills/supplements or having surgery are not healthy ways to lose weight in our opinion.

However, don’t expect to lose huge amounts of weight during the short duration of a cleanse. Excess weight may have been accumulating for many years so to expect it to disappear in just a few days is unrealistic. Cleansing has an uncanny ability to help us understand why weight has been accumulating and ultimately break unhealthy habits and create new healthy ones.

Regular juice cleansing combined with consistent healthy eating and physical activity is the best approach to losing weight and staying healthy long term.

5. How long should I cleanse for?

The duration of a cleanse is a personal decision which is why we don’t limit or specify the number of days for any of our cleanses.

We’re also a bit different because we offer the ‘day-time’ cleanse & the ‘full’ cleanse options.

Our ‘day-time’ cleanse is great because it’s so effective yet not as challenging as a ‘full’ cleanse. Most people can easily and happily complete 4-7 days on this type of cleanse a few times a year or shorter durations (2-3 days) as often as every few weeks.

The ‘full’ cleanse is a truly rewarding experience and if you can commit to a number of days in a row (i.e. 4-6+) you will not regret it. Other popular routines include 1-3 days every few weeks or longer cleanses seasonally.

When choosing your duration, consider the following:

  1. If new to cleansing there is no hurry to attempt a long duration cleanse. If you wish, you can start with one to three days and see how you go. Once you see and feel the difference, cleansing will probably become a regular part of your life and you can start to experiment with longer cleanses and learn what works best for you.
  2. Cleansing needs to fit in with your lifestyle. Regular short duration cleanses like one to three days are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle and any detoxification effects are usually mild. A longer cleanse, like 4-6 days or more, will produce more profound cleansing and healing but this is best done when you can take a break from some, if not all, of your regular daily tasks to allow deep rest and rejuvenation.
  3. Staying warm during a cleanse is important. Here in Melbourne, late spring through to autumn is the best time to attempt a longer duration cleanse. Winter is often the time when we eat more than perhaps we need (and less fresh produce in favour of cooked foods) so regular short duration cleanses are a good option for this time of year.
  4. The state of your health will also impact cleansing duration. If you have symptoms of disease you have the most to gain from cleansing but you will require a longer cleanse or more regular short duration cleanses to get the results you want. If you do have health complications we recommend that you consult with your health care professional to get advice on an appropriate cleanse program and to monitor your progress as you cleanse.
6. Wouldn’t it be better to keep the fibre/pulp in the juice?

At Green House Juicery we are massive advocates for a diet as high as possible in complete whole foods.

During a cleanse however there are a number of advantages in removing the fibre/pulp from fruit and vegetables. One of the main aims of cleansing is to give your digestive system a rest. Even the natural process of separating the usable nutrients from the cellulous (fibre) in fruit and vegetables requires a great deal of digestive energy. During a Green House cleanse we do this for the body so it can focus all its energy on cleansing and rejuvenating your body.

During a cleanse we want to super-hydrate our system to really aid our body in flushing out the built-up waste. The fibre essentially ‘fills us up’ and so reduces the amount of liquids that we would otherwise feel comfortable consuming. Being well hydrated is important each and every day but when on a cleanse the aim is to super-hydrate!

7. What should I eat when doing the breakfast cleanse or half-day cleanse?

This really depends on how seriously you want to take your cleanse. Even if you retained your regular diet for the remaining meals you would still benefit from the addition of nutrient-rich juice in your diet.

Ideally however you would take the opportunity to treat this time as if it were a complete cleanse and only consume whole foods including fruit and vegetables, nuts and legumes, brown rice, etc.

Things to avoid while on a cleanse (and limit at all other times) include highly processed foods, refined flour & pasta, refined sugars and sweeteners, alcohol and other drugs, meat and dairy foods.

When you can’t access whole foods (and it will happen) you can either reduce your portion size or ideally choose not to eat the meal and just drink water instead – I promise you won’t stave to death! Take the opportunity to build your strength in being able to say no to unhealthy foods just because that’s all that is available.

8. Should I drink additional liquids during my cleanse?

Remember the aim is to cleanse your body and the best way to do that is to super-hydrate! So yes, drink additional liquids including water, herbal teas and broths.

Everybody has different fluid requirements based on weight, gender, the amount of physical activity done, temperature and so on. Suffice to say that most people don’t consume enough water and so during a cleanse is the ideal time to turn that habit around.

Feel free to add lemon or lime juice to your water or drink herbal teas e.g. peppermint or green tea or even broths which are warming. You can also add water to our juices so they last longer.

9. Cold pressed juice is expensive. Why so?

It’s not until you attempt to make cold-pressed juice yourself that you see why it costs more than the average juice from the supermarket.

The first thing you’ll notice is the sheer volume of produce that goes into each juice – its impressive! That’s also one reason why cold pressed juice is so good for you; you’re getting a concentrated hit of super-nutrition.

Second thing you’ll notice is how time consuming juicing is. Cold pressing is a highly manual process that simply can’t be mass-produced.

Lastly, true cold pressed juice only has a shelf life of 72 hours so the logistics of producing and delivering juice fresh is a challenge. We make small handcrafted batches of raw juice that we know you’ll love.

One sip of a Green House Juice and you’ll know you’ve got something special. It’s thick and rich – nothing like the watery, sugar-laden, artificial tasting juices with long use-by dates.

For the convenience of having delicious blends prepared fresh and delivered to your door for just a few bucks more than you could do it yourself – it’s a no brainer!

10. Delivery details.

Please see the map below for our standard delivery area. Each delivery has a flat fee of $10. If you are outside of this delivery area please contact us via email and we will endeavour to arrange an alternative for you.

We have a minimum order for delivery of 6 bottles (e.g. a one day full cleanse). The juice has a use-by of 72 hours from the date of pressing. This means you will have up to 3 days to consume the juice.

Payment must be received before an order can be scheduled for delivery (unless you have selected COD). We will happily change the delivery date for an order with with sufficient notice i.e. 24 hours or more. All juice is made to order so once pressed we cannot change your order.

Delivery Area Map: