Going on a juice cleanse with Green House Juicery is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. Giving your system a well earned break from processing the ‘modern diet’ is like a total breath of fresh air for your whole body.

After a cleanse most people feel lighter on their feet, clearheaded, more energised and positive and most importantly, they become much more aware of what they put in their mouths and avoiding unhealthy things becomes less about will-power and more of an actual turn-off. This is exactly what you need to kick-start a healthier lifestyle thats going to last.

We offer 2 basic cleanse packages, however if you had something different in mind please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

The first package, the 'Day-Time' cleanse, replaces 2 main meals each day with our cold-pressed juice (2 bottles for each meal replaced = 4 bottles each day). The cleanser will be encouraged to eat only one light healthy meal per day. This is an easy way to cleanse and is perfect for people who want to continue to work, exercise lightly and/or run a family.

The second package, the 'Full' cleanse replaces all three meals each day so you have an all-liquid diet during the cleanse. This is a little more challenging and is best attempted when you can take it easy for a few days to really reap the benefits of the cleanse. Very light exercise and stretching is recommended but high intensity activity is best avoided.

More info and tips on cleansing can be found in our 'about' section. If not sure what cleanse will be best for you please get in contact and we can discuss what will work best based on your goals/expectations.