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We cold-press fresh local produce to make juice loaded with
nutrients, antioxidants, live enzymes and intense flavor.



Our cold-pressed raw juices are made fresh to order from the best local produce.

Cold-pressing preserves nutrients for juice brimming with antioxidants, live enzymes and intense flavour.

Our juice will leave you feeling light on your feet, clearheaded and fully energised.

Green House Blog

How to survive a 3-day juice cleanse

November 24, 2015

Welcome to our new blog where I’ll be writing about juicing and other health & wellness related topics. This very first blog is actually penned by Elly McManus from www.limewithroses.com. Elly recently took up the challenge of a three day juice cleanse with Green House Juicery and writes about her experience. Enjoy the blog and feel free to suggest topics for discussion. Cheers, Mark. WORDS AND LAYOUT BY ALLY MCMANUS, PHOTOGRAPHY BY GABBY BULL PHOTOGRAPHY The art of cleansing plays an integral role in cultivating our radiance. Most women cleanse their skin twice a day before applying skincare and make-up. The majority of us experience a cleansing process when we sweat – whether from mental or physical exhaustion, and another type...

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